Our New Home Page!

We’ve worked out the site to feel like you are walking through a home! there are four major features of the website, all themed after signature rooms in a home:

“The Kitchen”

In the Kitchen we share upcoming events and activities with members and the public. This page is accessible without member login so you can share the latest and greatest OCR activities with your community.

“The Living Room”

The Living Room provides space for all OCR members to share tools, collaborate on ideas or just check in with each other!

“The Den”

With OCR event, the group of participants gathered will be gifted with their own den (aka chat room) to carry on discussions from their OCR session

Personal Profile

Consider your profile page your own personal room! Paint the wall (cover image) a fresh color or image, hang motivating photos and quotes, mount your lovely face on the door so we know who’s all in the house.

After registering and completing your profile, you will be added to your respective den to carry on the discussions from your Creative Retreat session.

Last But Not Least…

Request your kindness and candor at this time. We will be testing the site until May 2019 to ensure it works for us. Share your thoughts, critiques and praises! We are so excited to build with you.



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you within 48 hours. Cheers!


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